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In ancient Greece, beauty was revered by the classical philosophers as one of the pinnacles of human existence. Beauty was so vital and intrinsic to its culture. The Greek word, kalos, meaning “good” or “beautiful,” was used to describe a  person of both deep physical and moral superiority. 

Dia was just a little girl when her sister bought her her first MAC lipstick. She vividly remembers the scent of vanilla when she opened it, and it was there and then that she knew she wanted to be a MAC artist. It didn’t take her long to make that vision a reality. As the years passed, and the incredible experiences within the industry rolled in, she expanded that vision,  dreaming of being part of a team for New York City Fashion Week. Very soon thereafter, Dia accomplished that as well, along  with hosting her own segment on a show as the makeup host and celebrity makeup artist.  

All dreams, however, must continue to grow and thrive, and with that, Dia welcomes you to her page, her passion.  She welcomes you into the world of Kalloni by Arhodia. 

Today, Dia uses her attention to detail and her faith to remain successful. She believes that remaining humble and serving the community is the best way to feel the happiness she brings to other people. Dia serves her community by donating makeup and her services to local charities and has been involved with a Greek organization that volunteers, donates and spreads philanthropy throughout the United States and Greece since she was a little girl. 

In the skilled hands of Kalloni by Arhodia, you will enter a world of makeup experience that transcends mere physical charm,        a place where beauty becomes a quality of the mind, body and soul. 

Thank you for visiting, Kalloni by Arhodia. 

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