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Philadelphia Style Magazine

Dynamic Woman of 2022

Arhodia (Dia) Karamitopoulos Yiantsos was selected as one of the Dynamic Women of Philadelphia in 2022.

"To be honest, it was pretty surreal to be on the other side of the camera. I'm usually on mom mode or running around with longwear eyeliner stuck on the back of my hand. Definitely not used to being posed and photographed. I have so much respect for those who are in front of a camera on the daily!

Courtesy of Phil Kramer

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Get to know Kalloni By Arhodia. Makeup artist, more than skin deep.

image (2).png

"I believe that every business owner strives for the best possible outcome and success for their business. Especially ones that have taken much patience, strength and commitment to develop. I choose to surround the vision of Kalloni by Arhodia around the humility and love that I have for my clients and business."

Courtesy of Swapnil Junjare

Suburban Life Magazine

More Than Skin Deep

"Kalloni means beauty in Greek." "Greek culture has a welcoming, warming nature, which shines through in everything that I do." The same could be said of the experience Dia strives to provide to each of her clients, be they members of a bridal party, celebrities on the set of a movie or TV show, someone preparing for a photoshoot, or troupe of models taking over the runway in New York City's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week or, most recently, South Asian New York Fashion Week."

Courtesy of Nina Lea

Cosmos Philly

Greek-American News from Philadelphia

"Have faith in yourself, what you do and what you believe in. Remaining humble and serving the community is the best way to feel the happiness you bring to other people."

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